Twelve (12) fabulous designs are presented by Ajwa Textile in their Ajwa Textile Summer Collection. It is made of lawn and chiffon fabric because it is midsummer and in this season women prefer to wear chiffon as well as lawn. Ajwa Unique Crinkle Chiffon Collection contains all suits designed with printed patterns with incredible hues and shades. Each design is in different colors and shades. Red, grey, gold, medium turquoise, deep pink, forest green, misty rose, dark cyan, coral, salmon and sandy brown are the colors which are styled in different patterns. These are all basic colors which have their own distinct grace. These dresses are very cheap with respect to their price. These are only in Rs 1000. You can buy from any nearest clothing store. If you want to purchase online then contact me I will sale you on the same price which is given by ajwa textile. I do sale to facilitate the friends who visit my fashion blog I am attaching complete ajwa unique crinkle chiffon dresses catalog. These are eid dresses for girls.

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