Al Zohaib Textile Elanor Embroidered Jacquard Formal Wear Collection 2021 by Al Zohaib for Women and Girls

Al- Zohaib Textile has been gossiping about their upcoming Elanor Embroidered Jacquard Formal Wear Collection. Jacquard and chiffon fabric is used in making these alzohaib embroidered dresses.

Elanor is a label created by Al Zohaib Textile and it has been launching enormous collections with this label. Normally Elanor label used with the eid collections of this brand. Winter season is ahead and for women and girls to wear dresses in winter many brands are introducing their winter collection in which they launch winter dresses. The above-mentioned collection is also an Al Zohaib winter collection which is comprised of al zohaib Jacquard dresses. There are women’s dresses that are embellished with embroidery designs which makes it al zohaib formal wear collection. Al Zohaib has not displayed all the dresses of this collection yet but there are only the top three dresses presented on Facebook page. These three dresses seem to be the top 3 winter dresses by alzohaib. I am sharing the photos of these dresses.

Price of Elanor Embroidered Jacquard Formal Wear Collection I will show you the entire gallery of this collection when it will be available with its price and purchasing detail. Please visit for ordering these dresses.

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