AlZohaib Embroidered Velvet Collection

As you know that in the winter season velvet fabric is usually used to cope with the cool winter season. All brands of clothing try to bring suitable dress collections for ladies and gents. There are many women’s dress brands, as well as gents, dresses brands in Pakistan that are producing seasonal and occasional dresses for both genders and not only selling in Pakistan but also exporting their dress collections to other countries like the USA, UK, UAE, and Canada.

Al Zohaib Textile a Prominent Fashion Brand of Pakistan

Al Zohaib is a prominent clothing brand of Pakistan that also brings winter collections, summer collections, and occasional collections for women. This brand came into exists many years ago and is now a very supportive and strong pillar of the Pakistan Fashion Industry. They are having millions of fans nationwide and abroad. They have their own alzohaib online store on which they sell their dresses.

New Al Zohaib Velveto Velvet Collection

Today Alzohaib has launched its New AlZohaib Velvet Collection that is in the title of Velveto Velvet by Al Zohaib. This collection has been designed and produced according to the current need for women to enjoy this chilly weather with a strong passion and energy. There are enormous women’s velvet dresses that are all very attractive and beautiful. The color scheme used by the al zohaib designers team is very unique and exclusive. I am sharing all the dresses of the Al Zohaib Velveto Collection which are presented on their social media Facebook page These are now available at al zohaib online store with price, so you can easily buy Velveto velvet Collection by Alzohaib. Prices are very affordable as compare to other brands’ price range of velvet dresses and the designs of alzohaib velvet dresses are not less attractive than other brands’ velvet collections. You can visit for more information.

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