Attraction by Kamal

You would love to see what you were thinking about the Latest Attraction By Kamal Single Shirt Piece Winter Cotton Cambric Collection in stores now. If you have not a chance to try it out yet, here is what you can guess. Let’s figure it out, Attraction By Kamal by a hair’s breadth ever get it’s erroneous and the lot they put out it is easy to adore; wonderfully mix and coordinated colors and dispersal prints that focus on the model rather than aunty-ish blossom. Although Attraction By Kamal has cooperated with the Turkish and Ikat technique prints in their past collections, we don’t mind as this season still surrounds some fresh freezing crisp fundamentals. One of our favorite features is the use of the smudgy hues on the crushed shirts against monochrome pieces. Tell us your favorite Attraction By Kamal single shirt print in the comments below!

Price Range: 1200 – 1500 PKR

Availability: Online and at all leading stores