Barracuda: Organization Diagram

Barracuda was propelled to furnish organizations with a minimal effort email security solution. Since that time, more than one million cloud-empowered items have been conveyed, and the IT security market has been disrupted with inventive solutions that can be conveyed by any business. By giving the most thorough and simple to-utilize IT security stage and sponsorship it up with top tier client care, our mission is to ensure clients, information and applications from the present propelled dangers.
Enterprise-quality cloud-empowered security solution
Barracuda’s first spam and infection firewall item has turned into the world’s most generally embraced solution for on-premises email security. Today, we keep on giving simple, exhaustive and moderate solutions for email protection, information protection, system and application security. In excess of 150,000 clients worldwide depend on Barracuda to secure their representatives, information and applications.
Start of Barracuda
Dignitary Drako, Michael Perone and Zach Levow ran an ISP in 2002, yet couldn’t discover reasonable spam blocking items to ensure private companies. So the group built up their very own solution with a little Los Altos office neglecting the yard beside a Mexican eatery which regularly functions as an organization meeting room. In light of their prosperity, the three immediately understood that they could convey email security solutions to organizations of all sizes that were neither costly nor complex.
The possibility of ​​Barcucuda was conceived
Lions, tigers and crocodiles were among the numerous hostile organization names that our authors discussed and discussed. They needed what had teeth! Barracuda is a major champ, and from that point forward has ensured its clients by securing their clients and making the world a more secure spot.

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