Sinf E Aahan Drama Cast

Another ISPR project is headed to TV screens soon. Who can fail to remember the much-advertised Ehd-e-Wafa? The narrative of four young men tried out military school together. It resembles this time ISPR has put center around bringing the female portrayal forthright. Sinf-e-Aahan is an ISPR project with the main ritzy cast setup. The Pakistani […]

Maha Kanwal and Erfaan Khan Love Story

Maha kanwal also known as Mehreen Kanwal (real name) and Erfaan Khaan a businessman met 13 years ago when Maha was not a model and he not a businessman but use to work in Lakson Tobbaco Company and had a degree in Mass Media from London School of Arts. He was choreographing his first show […]

Hot Photos Sarah Khan Saree from Upcoming Drama Set 3
Latest Sarah Khan Bridal Photo Shoot Taken Farhan N Faizan 5

Innovative ideas come to rise with the arrival of seasonal change. The present change is also come for the better look of all ladies and gents. This change raised by the advanced by the upcoming and marked catalogs updated by brands and fashion designers. Now the fashion has been revoked not from single unit, town […]