DIY Shiny Black Nails Tutorial

Today your Friday is a free day on which you can spend a time to beautify your nails. I have found a beautiful way to make your nails more beautiful. It is a new and easy idea that I am sharing with you.

How to Polish Nails Perfectly and Professionally

Today I want to teach you How to Polish Nails Perfectly and Professionally. I know you think that it is very simple and not important, but my hobby is to search for new nail polishing ideas and very often

Top 7 eyeliner applying tips

Makeup addicted and experience girls know how to apply eyeliner and slide the brush very well. But to apply eyeliner in perfect way is a skill that only few peoples know because it is a skill that is only learnt from professionals.

Fancy Black Eye Lids

Eye lids are often covered with black eye pencil. Eye pencil is used because shadows are not fully perfect to create the clean and sharp look then eye pencil. If black eye pencil is applied in intensive way it will make your eyes look shrank and small.