Chota Pero Disco Fall Winter Kids Wear Collection
Written By Jasmine

Pero introduced its kids to wear fall-winter collection at Pitti Bimbo Fashion Show which was held a few days back. These Pero kids wear collection formally named as Chota Pero according to Pero brands basic location language. Chota means kid or child in Hindi and Rajasthani language and Chota pero combined resulting pero kidswear. Pitti Bimbo is situated or located in Via Faenza, 111, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy. It’s now becoming the prominent spokesperson of fashion brands like #ilovepero. Pero always tries to bring something unique which attracts peoples towards Pero because of its natural charm familiarized by its clothing designs.

Chota Pero Fall Winter Kids Wear

The titled collection of kids wear by pero is comprised of sixteen individual dresses that are almost handmade totally made in India. These kid’s costumes were presented at the Pitti Bimbo Apartment fashion show. Kids wearing these pero kids dresses performed very confidently. Kids were holding some of their bags and artificial study ornaments like pencils and buckets that usually kids carry when they go out for picnic and parties.

Chota Pero Kids Wear Catalog

You will find kids frocks, knitwear, warm coats, overcoats, long gowns, double-layered pajamas, sleeping wear and party dresses in this chota pero catalog. These are made with pure warm fabric and other helping stuff, stitched in a way that the dress is easily carried by kids. Hopefully not create hurdles while playing sessions of kids and while wearing these kids suits kids can enjoy their playing in winter days.

It’s the Time to Disco

Yes, surely I am saying that it’s the time to disco for kids and get the full feel of entertainment. Kids get-togethers can be chilled profoundly wearing Chota Pero Fall Winter. Lets out kids enjoy this chilled weather without worry about the health issues that we don’t neglect in winter days.