Dawood Classic Cambric Vol 1 2021 by Dawood Lawns

Dawood Classic Cambric Vol 1 by Dawood Lawns:

Rising from the textile city of Pakistan that is Faisalabad, Dawood lawns became the valuable brand of country. It was started from a small shop in year 1950 at which textile fabrics was being sold. It has a team which done hard work and started poonam textile in 1958 and merged in the textile industry as Poonam. Step by step recognition it becomes Dawood Textiles and served the whole nation by giving best quality fabric. Now they are biggest exporter of fabrics from Pakistan to other countries. Now they are dealing online and via large clothing outlets. Their products are comprised of Dawood Collection Lawn, Dawood Classic lawn, Aalishan Chiffon lawn, Hajiba De Chiffon, Dawood Gold Lawn, Zara Sara Embroidery Collection, Ayesha Samia Embroidery Collection, Dawood Embroidery Kurti, LiAli Designer Suiting, Rabia Ghazal Embroidery Collection, Dawood Kurti and Ayan Designer Suiting.

Dawood Lawns introduced Dawood Classic Cambric Vol 1 for this upcoming season. It is consists of printed suits for women and girls. I am the first to publish this collection on the internet. I hope google will give fashionsjasmine.com chance to rise through this collection. Dawood Classic Cambric Collection is most beautiful with respect to its prints and hues. There are many distinguishable combinations that are finalized in new and energetic patterns. This is the collection that will not only attract women but also girls (females of all age). This collection is made of cambric fabric. Cambric was originally a kind of fine white plain-weave linen cloth made at or near Cambrai. The word comes from Kameryk or Kamerijk, the Flemish name of Cambrai, which became part of France in 1677. The word is attested since 1530. This is the original collection with pretty floral designs that are defining the richness of freshness that we will feel in coming winter. There are shirt, trouser and dupatta available in one suit. Here is the complete collection of pictures so take look and buy your favorite from www.dawoodlawns.com.

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