Digital Embroidered Shamose Silk Collection 2023 by Shaista Cloth

Today Shaista Cloth launched Digital Embroidered Shamose Collection for ladies. You can see it by its name that is a collection of dresses that are made with shamose silk fabric and adorned with embroidery designs. The shamose silk fabric is very liked by all women in this season. These dresses are made to wear on festive events that are being held in these days. The embroidery designs are very unique and beautifully created with shamose. These type of dresses are not only better in their look but are very comfortable in wearing. There are ten (10) unique digital embroidered dresses designed significantly that will fulfill the need and choice of every women. Price of each dress is only Rs. 5495 and available on all big store as well as online buying platforms. If you want in bulk you can contact us via our contact us page. Now take look on the photos of Digital Embroidered Shamose Silk Collection by Shaista Cloth. The Code of each and every dress is now mentioned on photo.