Discover Etro’s Captivating Spring Summer 2023 Collection | Vibrant Colors and Prints


Step into a vibrant realm of fashion as Etro unveils its latest campaign for Spring Summer 2023, inviting enthusiasts to embark on a captivating journey. Guided by the creative vision of Marco De Vincenzo, the campaign unveils a captivating summer capsule collection that truly captures the brand’s mastery of color and print. Against the breathtaking backdrop of an exquisite villa nestled along the Italian Riviera, Etro presents a visual feast that celebrates the essence of summer.

A Vibrant Journey: Etro Spring Summer 2023 Collection

In their Spring Summer 2023 campaign, Etro takes a plunge into the season, immersing us in a vivid exploration of colors and prints. With creative director Marco De Vincenzo at the helm, the brand amplifies its expertise, presenting a selection of lightweight fabrics adorned with luscious hues of citrusy oranges, verdant greens, and deep blues. These vibrant colors infuse the collection with a refreshing energy that perfectly embodies the essence of summer.

Etro’s Striking Prints Against the Italian Riviera Backdrop

Transported to the enchanting gardens of an Italian Riviera villa, the campaign ingeniously juxtaposes Etro’s striking prints against the natural elements of the surroundings. Against the canvas of the azure sky, the glistening sea, and the lush greenery of the gardens, the prints radiate with brilliance. This harmonious blend of nature and fashion captivates the viewer, evoking a serene and tranquil ambiance.

Enhancing the Dreamy Atmosphere of Etro’s Campaign

To further elevate the dreamlike atmosphere, the campaign incorporates a mesmerizing short film. This captivating visual narrative showcases the campaign’s protagonists basking in the sun-soaked scenery, while playful and colorful balls joyfully cascade down a majestic staircase. This whimsical touch adds an element of surprise, heightening the overall emotional buoyancy of the film. Its enchanting visuals and exuberant energy perfectly complement the collection’s spirit.

Etro’s Prints Take Center Stage in Spring Summer 2023

Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 campaign astutely celebrates the brand’s greatest strength—their whimsical and poetic prints. These unique designs, meticulously crafted by the brand, have become synonymous with Etro’s aesthetic and form the cornerstone of their creative vision. By allowing the prints to take center stage in the campaign, Etro creates a lush and dreamy visual narrative that immerses viewers in a world of captivating beauty and boundless imagination. You can buy Etro Spring Summer Collection 2023 at Official Website of Etro.

Etro Spring Summer 2023 Fashion Show Full Video


What is the inspiration behind Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection?

Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection draws inspiration from the essence of summer, capturing the vibrancy of the season with vivid colors and captivating prints.

Who is the creative director behind Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 Campaign?

Marco De Vincenzo leads the creative direction of Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 Campaign, showcasing his expertise in combining colors and prints.

What sets Etro’s prints apart from others?

The campaign was shot amidst the enchanting gardens of an Italian Riviera villa, providing a picturesque backdrop for the vibrant colors and prints.


Etro’s Spring Summer 2023 Collection is a testament to the brand’s mastery of colors and prints. Guided by creative director Marco De Vincenzo, the campaign immerses viewers in a captivating journey filled with vibrant hues and whimsical designs. Against the backdrop of the Italian Riviera, Etro’s prints harmoniously blend with the natural elements, creating a visual feast that exudes serenity and tranquility. With their Spring Summer 2023 Collection, Etro invites fashion enthusiasts to embrace a world of captivating beauty and imagination.

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