PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week Day 1 was opened with the Luxury/Prêt Collection of designer Fahad Hussayn showcasing his Democrats Midsummer Collection. The beautiful collection was featured with five detached prints from Fahad Hussayn Digital Prints Museum on silk and chiffon. In attachment to this, there was a feature of four extravagance lawn impressions with floral designs, exquisite textures, and 16th-century French garden layouts. The collection was also featured with five elite novelty editions in the signature of Fahad Hussayn’s hand-embroidered couture. Whereas in the actual world democracy is a precious thing that only a few peoples can afford, this Democrats collection actually represents independence to choose a dress as one wish. Showcasing a range of parts in distinct design disparities for the cheerful season ahead, the collection is included Fahad Hussayn’s embroidered surfaces, signature drapes, statement accessories, and elite embroideries.