Written By Jasmine

Gaurav Gupta is an Indian fashion designer who started his career before 2005 and struggling continuously reached in the list of Top Five Indian Fashion Designers. He works closely with fabric lines and fabric motion using three dimensions embroidery including some draping style that is ethnic style of Indian saree complete his luxury attires in wonderful way. His leading brand associated with unique and contemporary style made Gaurav Gupta the very fast recognized fashion label in Indian fashion Industry. His collections are on journey from passing severe military lines to exciting attires having touch of Greek Goths with some creative senses and magical mixture showers unbelievable marks in the couture line which canโ€™t be forgettable and forgivable.

Magic on the way by Gaurav Gupta help fashionista to have some extraordinary look which make them recognizable from the gatherings they move in. Extraordinary appealing and charming garments antiqued with Gaurav techniques becoming famous all over the world and now are becoming as a persuading by some western designers who are inspired from the collections of Gaurav Gupta. Triumphing does not stop when we touch sky and we led our self to universe, galaxies and the Gaurav is now reaching galaxies of fashion world.

Innovative and inventive work is again visible in the new showcased Prologue Risk Autumn Winter by Gaurav Gupta. It blooms on the runway worn by beautiful models of Asia who added more attraction in the Prologue Risk by Gaurav Gupta for Autumn Winter by their extraordinary catwalk. There are thirty one pretty women dresses which contain attire from simple to shine. Gowns, maxi, skirts, trousers, tops, one shoulder gown, strapless gowns, draped dresses and over jackets are the precious stones embedded in the Gaurav Gupta Prologue Risk Diamond.