Generation Eid Collection 2021 for Women

Here is the newly launched collection by Generation that is Generation Eid Collection. Here are few photos of Generation Eid Dresses.

Clementine Collection by Generation

For summer days Generation the brand of sympathy is bringing Clementine Collection by Generation. It will be showcased on this weekend. Actually Clementine is an Arabic word that is used to give females name and the meaning of Clementine is woman of peace. The upcoming collection of Generation will provide peace and satisfaction to all women with respect to their looks, wardrobe and dressing. This collection has an inspirational theory or concept from Phulkari embroidery. That belongs to the tradition of Hazara region. In this reshape the original poetic nature is maintained but not drained. This is contemporary addition in the dress line of Generation. This extraordinary result is because of the talent and experience gained by the hand embroidered work of many years in which designers played with pieces and indigenous embroidery ideas that inherited from generations. From cottages to villas generation brought the embroidery ideas being generated by women who work with hand in huts.

Clementine Embroidered Collection is a marvelous result of Phulkari embroidery made by Generation. With some distinction many dresses are in this Clementine Phulkari embroidered Collection. It is a beautiful Generation Eid Collection which contains luxury stylish generation eid dresses that will make you graceful on eid day. As you know the Generation is a Ready to Wear brand and Clementine is one to continue the dress line of Pret a Porter by Generation. The collection is being presented with estimation that it will become famous worldwide due to its different concept and philosophies. Multicolored thread is used to made this embroidery on monochromatic printed patterns. Luxury fabric of viscose is used with addition of some laces. This beautiful collection is available for sale within range of Rs. 2600 to Rs. 3900.