Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection is Unveiled


Jacquemus emanates an aura of luxury and the carefree spirit of summer in its latest fashion showcase for Spring 2023. Renowned photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch artfully captures the brand’s trendy and chic aesthetic, beautifully encapsulating the essence of the vibrant season. At the heart of this Jacquemus spring summer 2023 collection is the iconic model Vittoria Ceretti, embodying the distinctive style and ethos of Jacquemus, immersed in the sun-drenched hues of summer.

A Symphony of Colors: Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection

The visual presentation showcases a meticulously chosen color palette, where solid and sheer blacks are enhanced by bursts of lively yellow and opulent gold. These deliberate color choices permeate the entire collection, as Ceretti flawlessly embodies the essence of Jacquemus amidst the idyllic backdrop of a picturesque resort town along the enchanting Italian Riviera, which served as the primary muse for this collection. The opulent terraces overlooking the town, verdant courtyards, and refined interiors bathed in the warm glow of sunset lighting come together to form a narrative that evokes a heightened sense of summer escapism.

Captivating Indulgence: Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection

By incorporating sumptuous textures and captivating colors, Jacquemus skillfully captures the allure of indulgent luxury infused with a sun-kissed glow. The Jacquemus spring summer 2023 collection effortlessly tells a story that celebrates the anticipation of summer adventures, offering a quintessentially Jacquemus way to revel in the arrival of this vibrant season.


What is the inspiration behind Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection?

The collection draws inspiration from the charming resort towns along the picturesque Italian Riviera, offering a narrative of elevated summer getaways.

Who is the photographer for Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection?

The collection is beautifully captured by renowned photographer Oliver Hadlee Pearch, known for skillfully showcasing the spirit of fashion.

Which model is featured in Jacquemus Spring-Summer 2023 Collection?

The collection features the iconic model Vittoria Ceretti, perfectly embodying Jacquemus’ distinctive style and approach.

How does Jacquemus capture the essence of indulgent luxury?

Jacquemus incorporates rich textures and captivating colors, infusing the collection with a sense of sun-kissed luxury that evokes a feeling of indulgence.


Jacquemus Spring Summer 2023 Collection exudes luxurious summertime vibes, effortlessly capturing the essence of opulence and vitality synonymous with the summer season. With a meticulously chosen color palette and the skillful photography of Oliver Hadlee Pearch, this collection brings to life the spirit of a sun-drenched summer. Featuring the iconic model Vittoria Ceretti and inspired by the enchanting Italian Riviera, Jacquemus invites you to indulge in the anticipation of summer travels and celebrate the vibrancy of this cherished season.

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