The Future of Fashion: Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God Makes Its Mark in First Fashion Show at the Hollywood Bowl


Jerry Lorenzo recently presented the first-ever “Fear of God” fashion show at the Hollywood Bowl, which was a highly anticipated event in the fashion world. The show was a celebration of Lorenzo’s brand and the unique aesthetic that has made it so popular among fashion enthusiasts.

The Hollywood Bowl provided the perfect backdrop for the show, with its sweeping views of Los Angeles and iconic status as a cultural landmark. The show featured a range of looks, from casual streetwear to more formal pieces, all of which reflected the brand’s signature style.


Lorenzo’s vision for the show was to create a cinematic experience that would showcase his designs in a new and exciting way. He worked closely with a team of creatives to bring this vision to life, incorporating elements like live music, lighting, and choreography to create a fully immersive experience for attendees.

The show was a huge success, with fashion insiders and celebrities alike raving about the unique and innovative presentation. Lorenzo’s “Fear of God” brand has quickly become one of the most influential in the fashion industry, and this show only solidified his position as a leader in the space.

Overall, the “Fear of God” fashion show at the Hollywood Bowl was a one-of-a-kind event that showcased the brand’s distinct aesthetic and commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion. It was a truly unforgettable experience for all those who were lucky enough to attend.

Jerry Lorenzo, the founder of Fear of God, expressed his desire to honor the concept of American luxury while acknowledging the historical wrongdoings and exploitation that facilitated America’s success. During a backstage interview, he shared that his father had recounted stories of his grandmother picking cotton, which highlighted the stark contrast between the past and present. Jerry now has the privilege of selecting from fabric books brought to him by his staff, but he understands the responsibility that accompanies such freedom, which is rooted in the suffering of previous generations. Despite the painful past, he believes that love is the driving force behind his work.

The first-ever live show in the brand’s 10-year history was filled with an abundance of love. The Hollywood Bowl was packed with several thousand attendees, and even as the apricot dusk faded into a chilly gloom, nobody seemed eager to take their seats. While Los Angeles frequently hosts big-ticket fashion shows from European brands seeking to capitalize on Hollywood’s hype, this event featured a new, locally-made protagonist in the fashion space. A community had gathered and savored the moment. Plumes of hydro smoke billowed upward, adding to the atmosphere. Eventually, the crowd was asked to settle down, and London’s Sampha began his three-song opening on an upright piano. Finally, a door at the back of the dimly-lit stage opened, and the collection emerged.

Gonzalez’s collection consisted mainly of black clothing, although there were other colors present, and featured loose-fitting outerwear paired with wide-legged pants, which is a signature style of Fear of God. Leather pieces were also incorporated into the collection. The presentation initially focused on the rhetoric, which threatened to overshadow the collection, but soon evolved into a display of various colors, shapes, and textures. The collection included collarless furs, jackets over kilted pants in buttercup yellow and pale green, basketball pants, and fringe-edged pants reminiscent of earlier Fear of God designs. Some pieces, such as the shaved shearling bombers, featured a slimmer silhouette above artfully relaxed pants tucked into high tops, while knit crop tops added a touch of athleticism to the otherwise tailored, feminine look.

Kanye West and Bianca Censori had taken their seats near the ego ramp in silence. When “Blood On The Leaves” began playing, West stood up and joined the other concert-goers in dancing. At the end of the performance, as fireworks lit up the sky with golden sparkles, Ray Charles sang “America The Beautiful.” According to Lorenzo, the intention was to showcase every aspect of the Christian and Black journeys, not just the parts that people commonly celebrate. By paying attention to every part of the journey and understanding the reasons behind them, it becomes even more beautiful. This was a grand and cinematic collection that honored the American tradition while being enriched with the nuances of true cultural experience.

Jerry Lorenzo’s Fear of God First Fashion Show Full HD

Jerry Lorenzo’s the first-ever “Fear of God” fashion show at the Hollywood Bowl, it was highly anticipated fashion show. The complete video of show will be available in full HD format here very soon.

Jerry Lorenzo on the Future of Fear of God

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