Junaid Jamshed Men’s Jashn-e-Eid New Eid Collection 2021 – Buy – Price

Boys Lets do Fashion in summer with Kurtas and Kameez and Waist Coats. It is summer, boys! Do you need something cool to wear? Junaid Jamshed is here for your assistance. Junaid Jamshed loves to bring something special for boys every year that bring happiness in their life. Junaid Jamshed launched Junaid Jamshed Men’s Eid Collection. It has been introduced before few hours. Kurtas are adorned with little embroidery work on its neckline that is making it more appealing and semi-formal. It is in 2 pc range which is comprised of one kurta and one shalwar. Shalwar is in white color along with all kurtas of this collection. It is made with pure cotton fabric. There are twenty Junaid Jamshed kurta designs contained in this Junaid Jamshed Kurta Collection. Each kurta is different from the other in terms of color, and neck design. Junaid Jamshed has used beautiful colors in making of this Junaid Jamshed summer kurta collection for men. The colors used in this collection are dark green, dark slate grey, black, burlywood, slate blue, brown, beige, mint cream, goldenrod, peach puff, sienna, dark orange, dark gray, maroon, dark green, dark goldenrod, papaya whip, light slate gray, chocolate, dodger blue, dark cyan, gray70, tan, dark violet, fire brick, and lemon chiffon. On some kurtas twitch buttons are used to close the front of the neckline but some kurtas are having open buttons. Embroidery is embellished along with the neckline in different catching colors. Kurta is formal dresses that are usually got wear in summer season boys and love to wear because it is easy to wear and cool in look. It is a decent dress of its type. Eid festival is also approached with kurta fashion; boys use to wear kurta shalwar on Juma namaz. Some boys don’t like to wear kurtas and prefer to wear a pent shirt. There is no store that is selling it online but you can buy it from Junaid Jamshed Online Store. Take a tour of a gallery of Junaid Jamshed Men’s Eid Collection and select for you and give us order.