Lala Textiles Nero Bianco Fall Collection 2021 | Lala Nero Bianco Black and White Collection 2021

Lala Textiles introduced Nero Bianco Fall Collection for fall winter season. It has been launched in previous days. It is mentioned that there are two major colors floating in this range i.e. Black & White. This collection is presented in three pieces, shirt, dupatta and shawl. It will be perfect to wear it in winter with shawl and will help to enjoy the cool winter days without getting sick due to coldness. It is made with lawn and cotton fabric. It is now available in local stores, international stores and online stores. Here I am sharing with you few of dresses among this range. These dresses will not only give you entire features of this lala fall collection. I am very sure you will like this collection and will buy it for this winter. Price of each dress is only Rs 1200/-

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