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Nida Azwer Hazaribagh Heirlooms Collection

Nida Azwer is constantly launching its latest collections this season. All collections by Nida Azwer are getting huge customers because of their unique and exclusive quality and beautiful designs. They have launched Nida Azwer Hazaribagh Heirlooms Collection for girls, women. All collections are very much liked by the people of Pakistan as well as of other countries where Nida Azwer is being supplied. Nida Azwer has many stores in UAE, UK, USA, and Pakistan where their latest dresses are available every time.

Nida Azwer has just launched its New Nida Azwer Hazaribagh Heirlooms Collection for Girls and Women. This collection is very beautiful and classic. Each dress is adorned with embroidery designs. All the shirts are beautifully made with chiffon. Shirts are interplayed with panels in particular whites and jewel tones.  All dresses are beautifully styled with funky foliage or floral patterns and scrolled twines of high quality. Nida Azwer New Embroidered Collection for Girls and Women is like a leaf of Nida Azwer fashion products for this season and a modern cool for festivities and celebrations.

Shirts are beautifully designed with floral designs and patterns with thread on the back and front of the shirts. Each shirt has its own unique design. Block colors are used to make you stand out in your community as a different and unique personality by wearing Nida Azwer New Pret for Girls and Women. Tilla is also used to make some embroidery designs on shirts to top up your look with this tilla embroidery-designed shirt. With these shirts embroidered dupatta and casual tights are introduced which look awesome. You can now wear these new shirts on any occasion to give the right new impressions & shine like a star. All charming color combinations are used in this collection.

‘Hazaribagh Heirlooms’ – A Collection of Modern Heirlooms

This collection features timeless hand embroidered heirloom bridals, chadders, and couture pieces reflecting our rich cultural heritage. ‘Hazaribagh Heirlooms’ is a collection of individual collector’s pieces which you can wear and style in multiple ways and looks. Each piece is crafted with the finest of zardozi, vasli, Kamdani, and Resham techniques of hand embroidery on fine hand-woven silks.

This collection is presented with a beautiful attractive model that enhanced its beauty. The complete photo collection of the Latest Nida Azwer Hazaribagh Heirlooms Collection of Luxury Pret is attached here for a selection of dresses. Take time to see the complete dress collection. Please visit for price detail and to buy online.