Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023: Sustainable Fashion Show in Sydney


The Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023 fashion show was a stunning event held against the breathtaking backdrop of the Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association clubhouse in Rushcutters Bay. The setting sun behind the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge provided the perfect atmosphere for an evening of fashion, sustainability, and antipodean prep-meets-prom aesthetics. Maggie Hewitt’s eponymous brand, Maggie Marilyn, presented a collection that captivated attendees with its innovative use of materials and sustainable approach to fashion.

Van Morrison Tuned The Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023 fashion show

As the show began, the soulful tunes of Van Morrison filled the air, setting the tone for a memorable evening. The delightful aroma of hot and salty fish and chips and reportedly potent gimlets enhanced the ambiance, tantalizing both taste buds and senses. Against this picturesque backdrop, models paraded down the runway, showcasing unique ensembles that embodied the brand’s identity.

What you will see in this Resort 2023?

Maggie Marilyn is known for being a fully traceable and sustainable brand, and this commitment was evident in the Resort 2023 collection. Upcycled materials and eco-conscious designs took center stage, and the collection featured a white sailing blouson adorned with an ersatz America’s Cup-inspired house sailing club logo, red-striped shirt, and cricket-inspired sweater, blending elements of sportswear and nautical aesthetics.

Extra Addition in Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023

One of the show’s highlights was a transparent parka featuring intricate details made from fishing lines, which Maggie Hewitt revealed was crafted from an upcycled sail, adding a touch of whimsy to the collection. The garments seamlessly blended sporty and wholesome antipodean prep elements, such as riding boots paired with puff skirts and men’s bengal-striped shirting reimagined into tan flashing mini-separates.

More Features of Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023

Maggie Marilyn’s Resort 2023 collection featured beautifully crafted tops adorned with cutesy heart cut-outs at the spine, paired with rough-hemmed washed boyfriend jeans and ballet pumps. Loose tailoring in faded navy or white, featuring sash detailing, added an effortless elegance to the lineup. The collection also included a red check work shirt layered over shirting stripe bikini separates, as well as silk dresses, a puffer jacket, and faded porcelain tea-set floral pattern shirts.


Where did the Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023 fashion show take place?

The fashion show took place at the Royal Australian Navy Sailing Association

What makes Maggie Marilyn a sustainable brand?

Maggie Marilyn is known for its commitment to sustainability, using upcycled materials and eco-conscious designs in their collections.

What were the highlights of the Resort 2023 collection?

The collection featured unique ensembles blending sportswear and nautical aesthetics, including a transparent parka made from upcycled sail and garments with antipodean prep elements.

What kind of tops were showcased in the collection?

The collection showcased beautifully crafted tops with cutesy heart cut-outs, paired with washed boyfriend jeans and ballet pumps.


Immerse yourself in the world of sustainable fashion at the Maggie Marilyn Resort 2023 fashion show in Sydney. Experience the innovative use of materials, conscious approach to fashion, and the blend of antipodean aesthetics. From unique ensembles to beautifully crafted tops, this collection embodies the brand’s commitment to sustainability and style. Join us for an unforgettable evening celebrating fashion and sustainability.

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