Muse Discipline and Drama Collection 2021 at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week 2021 Day 2

The evening prêt-à-porter indicates on Day-2 were opened by architect mark MUSE who showcased a collection titled ‘Discipline and Drama’ at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week. Drawing motivation from the MUSE woman,’ who is contemporary and unconventional, moving starting with one inclination then onto the next, with flawless taste, the collection showed the MUSE lady’s attributes with the choicest of palettes; certainty delineated in highly contrasting and unpredictability in gold, silver and fragments of shading. Set in fabrics of organza, Dupion and Gazar, ‘Discipline and Drama’ highlighted flared long jeans, larger than usual dresses, creased skirts, edited finish layered with covers and metal belts with embellishments of dots, pearls and French sequins. In-accordance with their motivation, MUSE had made utilization of particular patterns including dramatic dark coats, blasting with dots, pearls and sequins in frameworks and realistic themes beside Italian striped organza skirts. See the photos of Muse Discipline and Drama Collection.