Written By Jasmine

Nishat Linen launched Eid collection of women dresses. It is comprised of exclusive printed collection made with beautiful silk collection. This is an exclusive class Nishat Eid Collection. It is time to treat your style with Nishat Linen. This range contains luxurious and delicate fabric with digital prints which create expression that is glamorous and unique. Nishat Linen silk collection of Eid dresses is suitable for casual appearances. These sewed pieces are made to be realizing your perfection. Every article is a slice of art that is detailed with the premium digitally printed designs to create and mold classic stylishness with chic style. This summer collection is made with extravagance color schemes like chocolate, pink, parrot green, off white, black, golden, white and blue. This Nishat Linen Eid Collection contains beautiful Nishat Linen eid dresses to fill your wardrobe filled with Nishat Linen eid clothing. These NL eid dresses are adorned with motifs to bring formality in them.

Nishat Linen was founded in 1990. It was a producer of high class apparel and domestic accessories. Their online website is www.nishatlinen.com. They also sustain large chain of shops in Pakistan as well as in other countries. It has been came with no amaze that Nishat Linen is a anxiety of Nishat Mills, the textile with local fashion professional chain that is identifying the textile business with shrill attention rewarded to quality, design and affordability. Nishat Linen is proud to being the brand of favorite for discriminating custom who are in aspect for belongings, chic and sole with no settlement on aesthetics or cost. Unrivaled client service, including tailor-made information, ensures our customers remains realistic to the Nishat family tree. From kitchen coordinate to room linen, attire to upholstery, Nishat Linen has fit into a textile industry as a creator of high-quality and dramatic design at reasonable prices; an achievement by the brand. Here is complete photo gallery of NL Eid Collection.