Nooray Embroidered Lawn With Chiffon Dupatta Vol 1 Rashid Textile

Rashid Textile is again amazing the audience with their new Nooray Embroidered Lawn With Chiffon Dupatta Collection.

Rashid Textile is another renowned name of textile in the Pakistan textile industry that is occupying almost all the areas of the fashion industry of Pakistan as well as out of the country. They already launched enormous collections for women and girls and they become the choice of each next woman. Their tremendous collections amazed the ladies around the world and become their fans because of the high-quality product embellished with extraordinary pretty hues and colors. Rashid Textile has an energetic team of designers who design printed dresses with the unique techniques and methods that are gained by their experience in this field. They always make designs for every season like winter, autumn, spring, and summer.

Like before Rashid Textile is again amazing the audience with their new Nooray Embroidered Lawn Collection. This collection is published just now and every dress contained in it is a symbol of talent the Rashid textile talented designers hold. It is the best eid collection of this month because it has some extraordinary designs that are very liked by every age of women. It is assumed that it will become the artistic figure of this festival.

The Nooray Embroidered Collection by Rashid Textile is completely different as compared to the other eid catalogs of this eid with respect to the printed designs and embroidered designs made in it. There are very beautiful color combinations are used to make them more attractive, and the colors used in these combinations are mehroon, plum, medium sea green, medium violet red, tomato, forest green, gold, deep pink, saddle brown, moccasin, hot pink, dark late blue, purple, yellow, baby pink, golden, parrot green, sky blue, olivedrab and orange red.

Rashid Textile Lawn Collection is made with lawn fabric and contains color hues having the above-mentioned colors. I hope all girls will like these dresses by Rashid Textile and it will be your next preference of dress in your wardrobe.