Royal Touch Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2021 Volume 2 Wijdan by Salams Textile

Starting late Wijdan by Salams Textile included one more embroidered collection brand in winter collection. It is Wijdan Royal Touch embroidered chiffon collection with brand new Royal Touch embroidered structures on chiffon surfaces. Surely! here you will find embroidered work of Wijdan western traditions on Pakistani chiffon Salwar Kameez with chiffon dupatta. Surrounding we ought to have an increasingly serious look on Wijdan Royal Touch Embroidered Chiffon Collection. Wijdan by Salams Textile starting late share one more brand new collection of embroidered chiffon dresses with name as Wijdan Royal Touch embroidered chiffon collection, These embroidered dresses are open in trouser shirt, salwar kameez, with Wijdan embroidered wear down printed shirts.

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