Serene Premium Foire De Enchante Embroidered Collection 2020

Serene Premium launched premium formals titled as Foire De Enchante containing high quality dresses embellished with astonishing embroidery work on each dress. Serene is a premium clothing fashion brand. Serene has its own unique and aesthetic feature of juxtaposing that is refined as elegance with modern fancy through its brilliant color palettes, attention and beautiful fabrication to detail given to their every design. They make their dresses by combining 100% pure chiffon fabric with unprecedented stylish designs that are aesthetics to create designer wear dresses at an affordable range of price. Key features or ethos of Serene Premium brand are quality, innovation, design and affordability.

The dress collection we are sharing today contain beautiful dresses that are adorned with sophisticated traditional embroidery, petite work of ‘Tilla’, Floral embroidery, rich sequences, twinkle details, exquisite patterns, delicate glint and tinted embroidery, aesthetically pleasing modish embroidery, blooming thread work and elite delicate detailing. Foire De Enchante are in blessing rich hues like subtle beige, mellow lilac hues, fiery hot red, tinch flavor, gleaming white and salient blues.

Price of Serene Formals are as under: 01 Chryseis Ruby : Price is Rs 9,900/- 02 Midnight Dream : ₨ 8,900/- 03 Mysterious Enchantress : ₨ 8,900/- 04 Crimson Bloom : ₨ 8,900/- 05 Glorious Pearlescent : ₨ 9,900/- 06 Tropical Paradise : ₨ 9,900/- 07 Floral tale : ₨ 9,900/- 08 Poised Topaz : ₨ 10,900/- 09 Exquisite Elan : ₨ 9,900/- 10 Socialite’s Fantasy : ₨ 10,900/-

We hope you like watching these designs as much as we love sharing them. Visit :

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