Sobia Nazir Eid Collection 2024 Pret Wear with Price

Sobia Nazir Eid Collectio Pret Wear

Eid Collection Detail:

Today we are posting a new range of women’s wear that is the Sobia Nazir Eid Collection. It has been on discussions platforms from last week and many fans of Sobia nazir are waiting to see it and buy it. It is a festive eid collection containing Sobia nazir eid dresses with beautiful, amazing, astonishing, stunning, and eye-catching color prints. This printed collection is a product of unique blends of colors that are blended in an attractive manner to attract women’s attention. Sobia Nazir is bringing it according to the taste, personality, and mood of all types of women. Each new dress is for a every separate entity that contains new breathtaking prints. Here I am presenting two foremost photos of the Sobia Nazir Eid collection. Hope you would like to buy Sobia Nazir Eid Lawn Collection. These dresses are for sale on so get hurry and spend some coins in purchasing this Sobia nazir eid dress collection.

Brand Intro:

Sobia Nazir is a very famous name for fashion wear among girls. It has been in the field of fashion designing since the year 2000. This is an Islamabad Based dress brand with having a diverse range of products including formal wear, bridal wear, and now casual (seasonal) wear. Its mission is to provide trendy, creative, and exclusive designer wear to all people. They have got all big customers to range from all countries and all around the world which are tending them to create a new online platform for presenting & selling their products. is their online store now containing all the available female clothing products. Due to their presence in this field for almost 15 years, they have the experience to know the demand, choice, and requirements of their customers. So their designers spend time on designing designs with respect to need. Beautiful women get surrender themselves to Sobia Nazir boutique because of gorgeous creations.

It is a well-known internationally famous label of Formalwear and Bridal wear. Basically, it is occupied in Pakistan Islamabad with Sobia Nazir Studio that was launched in the year 2000. Its main products are also designer formal and bridal wear. It has a limited chain of stores across Pakistan in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. It also deals in ready-to-wear clothing for women. Sobia Nazir also has an online store Sobia Nazir all products are available at this online store with the availability of delivery all over the world. Many international fans of the Sobia nazir label get their fabulous dressing from this store. I have already published Sobia Nazir Summer Collection and Sobia Nazir Winter Collection.

Sobia Nazir and its New designs for Upcoming Eid Festival:

From the beginning of the season, there are many fashion labels that launched their eid dress collection. Sobia Nazir is also one of those that already launched the Sobia Nazir Eid Collection. Due to high competition in the field of fashion designing, Sobia nazir found that the previous collection for eid is not enough to compete with other labels. Finally, Sobia decided to work on another collection that comes up as Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Eid Collection.

Sobia Nazir is bringing a festive range of eid dresses. This range has been contained in Sobia Nazir Festive Embroidered Silk Unstitched Eid Collection. It is a very beautiful dress collection and will be a gorgeous one in her line. The dresses that are occupied in this coming soon collection are made up of premium quality silk fabric. The dresses are in unstitched form so that you can get them stitched from your own tailor according to your fitting. This collection is specially being designed for the coming eid festival. Coming eid festival is eid ul azha. This Sobia Nazir Eid ul Azha collection is very attractive and full of beauty. The Sobia nazir eid dresses are adorned with embroidery designs. Embroidery designs are also made of premium quality threads. There is a very talented team behind the making and designing of the Sobia Nazir embroidered silk collection. There are designs that are choice of all ages women. Girls and women both can enjoy the midsummer in these dresses. These dresses will give an extra charm to the joys of eid ul azha and midsummer parties.

Sobia Nazir is a well-known fashion label in the industry of fashion in Pakistan. It has been working in this profession for the last 9 years. It was brought to the people of Pakistan by Sobia Nazir. She is not only talented but also a God gifted person who has the ability to recognize the liking, choice, and requirements of her customers. There has been a number of clothing stores on the name of Sobia Nazir not only in big cities of Pakistan but also in UAE, UK, and USA. They also have a big chain of online retailers as well as they have their own online clothing store at Here is all available glimpse of the Sobia Nazir Silk Collection.

Unbelievable Features of Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret for Eid:

A classy silhouette is the fantastic feature of this range that flaunts an exclusive blend of comfort and vogue. It surprisingly gives you the opportunity to make your look best on this eid. Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Eid Dresses are made with silk and chiffon fabric. There are tops and shirts which are detailed with embroidery designs to get a state in high international fashion trends. This is a feature that makes Sobia Nazir Luxury Pret Collection.

Availability of Sobia Nazir Eid Dresses:

Here I am sharing a complete catalog of Sobia Nazir Eid Dresses. These are now available at Sobia Nazir Studio Islamabad.