El Astro by Gulaal A Premium Embroidered Velvet Collection 2020

Gulaal is launching a big range of Gulaal formal wear collection titled as El Astro by Gulaal A Premium Embroidered Velvet Collection. It is being launched internationally and nationwide on coming 30th of October. It’s all viewable at their online store and you can make orders and book your favorite dress from this range. El Astro is the volume of Unstitched Luxury Formals that falls under this category. It is said by Gulaal that it’s the range that has been formulated by the continuing struggle of a few months by their talented designers. The idea that was raised in the shape of images and sketches made on paper then those sketches came into the shape of proper compositions. This range has been specially developed for the upcoming days that are all festive and pleasant. The particular traditional way is used to make embroidery designs on these luxurious dresses which makes them unique from all other present and coming soon dress designs by other brands. Moreover, the crystal embellishments are made to enhance the richness and extravaganza in the charm of these dresses in contrast of highly demanded hues and patterns. Different precious quality fabrics are introduced and used in this particular range of Gulaal. It’s for all those girls that always seem exciting to wear something special in eves. The final shape has a huge momentum to gain full attention as well as makes attraction to make an extraordinary blended personality. So here is the wait comes to end, see the complete range of dresses and make a visit of www.gulaal.pk.

Soiree Unstitched Luxury Formals Collection by Gulaal

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