The Symposium of Queens Bridal Wear 2020 by Shamaeel Ansari

‘The Symposium of Queens’ for sure unique pair Shamaeel Ansari present their most recent scope of bridal wear! With a shading pallet that comprises of a mix of pastels with rich jewel tones and printed florals for a crisp new look, making skillful utilization of metallic tassels and colorful thread work with mind boggling mosaic outskirts.

It’s sheltered to state we concur the scope of bridal formals is a combination of allure, contemporary styles and traditional bridal elements from the subcontinent. From sensitive floral themes to hand worked gold and silver embellishments-consolidating both long and short outlines into the mix; a unique yell out goes to the assorted variety of this collection and the designers capacity to make outfits that are stylish yet ageless! View the whole collection beneath; Shamaeel Ansari’s ‘The Symposium of Queens’ collection will be launched soon.

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