Taana Baana Luxury Line Pre Fall Formal Range 2020 Collection

Taana Baana recently launched the Luxury Line Pre Fall Formal Range collection- a brand new line of luxury formals to appeal to a more sundry clientele! Beautiful draped silhouette embellished with crystal work and zardozi, the collection contains many different distinct taana Baana luxury formal dresses to use as resonating screen, evening wear and emboss printing on georgettes and pure silks. You will love the highlighted bold color palettes- consist of mostly rich deep shades of maroons, blacks, gold, navy and also few pastels for this season. Taana Baana’s major aim is to furnish to a clientele all over the world and especially in the Middle East. These glamorous formals will surely be the talk of the city. Every piece speaks itself- very delicate, minimalist detailing and latest wearable silhouettes. Check out few glimpses from the Taana Baana Luxury Line Pre Fall Formal Range below and don’t forget to visit https://www.taanabaana.pk/

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