Taana Baana Bano Winter Collection

Taana Baana Bano Winter Collection has been announced just before few minutes. This is made with a luxury fabric collection. It is also a Taana Baana Winter Collection embellished with beautiful printed and embroidered designs. The collection comprised of a shirt, sleeves, shalwar, and dupatta. It is not only printed but also embroidered collection. Taana Baana Significantly produced it. Taana Baana is a famous and glorious label of Pakistan. Tana Bana came into exists several years ago and is now renowned for its beautiful printed dresses as well as embroidered dresses. TB deals in formal wear, party wear, and bridal wear, and now they are in with seasonal wear.

Taana Baana Winter Wear

There are several articles occupied in it. Articles are not identical but distinct from each other in all aspects like hues and colors, printing patterns, embroidery designs, and price tags. Donโ€™t blow your eyes while reading as the luxury collection is not very expensive. Although it is made up of luxury fabric its price tags are very nominal. Some shirts are embroidered on the front and are printed from the backside and some are printed from both sides. The current dress range is also a seasonal collection by taana baana.

Dupatta has been also added to it along with shirts and shalwars. Its length is 2.50 meters. Crinkle is also known as crinkle in Pakistan. Many beautiful colors are used in the design of the printed fabric. I will mention some of the main colors or shades used in this bano winter collection. Medium sea green, orange, cornflower blue, navy, crimson, tomato, sky blue, green, cyan, fire brick, maroon and yellow. These are the colors, very used on winter days. So these Taana Baan winter dresses are made with these hues. Here are the complete photos of the Bano Winter Collection. Visit www.taanabaana.pk Official Store of Taana Baana Brand for online sale price details.