Tena Durrani Winter Collection 2020 by Al Zohaib Textile Price Buy Online

After a few days to collect Tena Durrani’s new winter, created by Al Zohaib Winter Collection, released three pieces of ladies suits on the market. This collection – it’s just the center of gravity, which is waiting for a long time to fool PETN of Al Zohaib Winter, which in the collection something really exciting and interesting. Tena Durrani from the collection of Al Zohaib creates the feeling that here in the winter season.

The new fashion has been associated with the world of fashion in recent years and is represented in your proposal of a women’s clothing collection. The fashion house – a full-fledged fashion castle, gives you fashion accessories such as fashion handbags, shoes and winter items collection by Tena Durrani Al Zohaib. They set up their own women’s clothing sales centers in almost every major city of Pakistan.

Hello, young girls, if you have the perfect outfit for lunch, dinner, and coffee, Tena Durrani created you with my beautiful line for women. Check tidbits below and start shopping with them in stores and online. Our web team is working with an excellent list of exceptional products and services to people in Pakistan and abroad. Murray Tena Collection Al Winter from Al Zohaib is designed for women to buy them affordable in some of your nearest retail outlets.

This set covers the two figures and the three elements of stylish and stylish suits for women who are not in design and decor. Long and medium-shirt combined with salads and duplex. Winter collection with Tena Durrani Al Zohaib – a collection of the bright female form, which is unique and unrepeatable.

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