Threads and Motifs Luxury Lawn Collection 2024 Summer Collection

Threads and Motifs Luxury Lawn Collection

Pret means ready and pret wear means ready to wear that can make you easy while you are busy in your routine life and you also need to attend parties. The dresses that are factory made in a final condition that allows you to wear when you buy. There has been a very little trend of Pret wear in Pakistan before few years but now there has been lot of brands that are manufacturing Pret Wear. Threads & Motifs is one of those brands that are playing vital role in the up gradation of fashion in Pakistan. Fashion rises from western countries like America and United Kingdom and then it revolve all over the world. Firstly pret wear fashion was developed in America in year 1972. Now a day it is also very liked and famous in Pakistan.

Threads and Motifs Luxury Lawn Collection has been launched in this week. It has been designed and prepared for ladies. This collection contains women wear in ready to wear form as well as in unstitched form. Fauzia Aman is showcasing its aspects while wearing it. Dresses have been adorned with threadwork as well as laces. Embellishment of laces and thread work in a unique and pleasant technique is making it luxury pret wear. As it is the fall of and everyone is arranging evening parties so this can be a best dress range to wear as evening wear. It is assumed that this Threads and Motifs Luxury Lawn collection will give a top up to T&M. This is a great formal class attires variety for women who love luxurious style clothing. Here are the complete shoot photo graphs of this collection for your view. You buy these luxury pret wear from threads & Motifs store and from there online store