Ujoh Fall Winter Collection 2023 Fashion Show in Paris


Ujoh is a Japanese fashion brand founded by designer Mitsuru Nishizaki in 2009. The brand’s name, “Ujoh,” is derived from the designer’s hometown of Uwajima in Japan. Here I am to discuss the Ujoh fall winter collection 2023 fashion show held in Paris.

Ujoh is known for its modern and minimalist approach to fashion, often incorporating traditional Japanese design elements with contemporary silhouettes and materials. The brand is recognized for its use of unique fabric textures and construction techniques that result in highly functional and versatile clothing.


Ujoh’s collections typically feature a mix of menswear and womenswear, with an emphasis on outerwear, trousers, and casual wear. The brand has gained international recognition for its distinctive aesthetic and has been featured in various fashion publications and events.

Mitsuru Nishizaki stated that he wanted to hit reset and establish the foundation for his label Ujoh’s future after being inspired by a performance put on in 2002 by Japanese artist Yukio Nakagawa, who was then in his 90s.

With layers upon layers of interlocking genderless shapes, his precise lineup was a tribute to what tailoring can be. Strapping details and metal hardware became essential elements in his silhouettes, allowing his designs to be combined and styled indefinitely.

Gentle shades of dusty pink, teal green, burgundy, and black were combined with the trademark olive grey and navy chalk stripes of the brand, with thick wools adding density and emphasizing structure.

Cropped jacket halves angled crossed the front of the torso. Other outfits featured wrapped overskirts that mimicked the length of a garment. Braces gave the appearance of a jacket with two sections, and their bottom portion appeared to be somewhat like a wide skirt. A cropped set of trousers with press-stud sides were worn over a second, more streamlined pair. The muted color scheme emphasized the intricate details of the patterns but was supported and tied together by abstract, understated prints that were influenced by Nakagawa’s artwork and featured large red flower motifs and petals of light.

Ujoh fall winter 2023
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