After the victorious launch of Vs Textile Mills Swiss Embroidered Kurti Collection VS Textile Mills is back with Vadiwala’s Exclusive Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-6. Vadiwala’s Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-6 has been introduced before few hours. It is consists of traditional shalwar kameez and dupatta suit that is well known as a 3pc suit collection. It has been adorned with contemporary designs of embroidery work with the finest range of threads in multiple charming colors. Vadiwala Exclusive Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-6 is designed by the talented designer’s team of VS Textile Mills. This team is very experienced and mature, sensing the need, requirement, choice and needy features by women in vs textile women dress collection. Vadiwala Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-6 is not yet published; it will be published within few days. When we will get an update from VS Textile this post will be updated.

I am sharing the first photo of VS Vadiwala’s Chiffon Collection Vol-6 for Women. This VS Textile Eid Collection contains beautiful VS Textile eid dresses to fill your wardrobe filled with vs textile eid clothing. The dresses occupied in this collection are all exclusive and distinct from each other. Unique printed designs are adorned on each vs women dress. Each print is designed with a separate combination of colors which create new shades and hues. Many girls and women like these types of colors so VS Textile equipped their dresses with these astonishing colors according to the requirements of everyone. Shalwar, dupatta, and kameez three pieces will be contained in each dress formally named as vs textile 3 pc suit collection. Color like purple, orange, green, pink, black, red, blue, lime green, grey, white, baby pink, ferozi, light brown is used in shading these vs textile summer collection suits. I hope you will like these women’s dresses. Buy at reasonable rates from The post Vadiwala’s Exclusive Embroidered Chiffon Collection Vol-6 by VS Textile Mills will be updated soon.