Warda Embroidered Eid Collection 2024 with Price for Girls

Warda Designer Collection announced Warda Embroidered Eid Collection. It is formulated with chiffon, lawn, embroidery and motifs. There are new single shirts, new two piece and new three piece suits exists. Shirts are stitched in new fashionable designs. Open shirts are also available in it. Embroidery is done on almost every shirt. Shalwar kameez both are in beautiful charming contrast. These dresses are now available for purchasing on www.warda.com.pk. More detail of all warda eid dresses is given below the photo. More over the design codes are also mentioned so that you get help in selection and ordering of dresses.

Warda Design No. 1305415 is very attractive. This is a single shirt that is available for sale in only Rs. 1795.

The above mentioned is a warda three piece suit with design code 3815008. Its price is Only 3795. This is in pink shade that is very favorite of almost all girls.

The warda design code 1305310 is a single shirt that is adorn with embroidery design and it available in only Rs. 1795.

Design Code 1305336 is also a single shirt embellished with embroidery and motifs. It is in baby pink shade.

Warda Three Piece Printed Suit Design Code 3815579 is made of chiffon and is designed with printed floral pattern. It is in PKR. 2695.

Warda Bomber Chiffon Embroidered Suit designer code 3815534 only in PKR 4495.

Warda Bomber Chiffon Embroidered Suit designer code 3815522 only in PKR 4495.

Warda Bomber Chiffon Embroidered Suit designer code 3815535 only in PKR 4495

Warda Single Embroidery Shirt in PKR 1795 Design Code is 1305408.

This last picture is of Warda Single Shirt that is adorn with Embroidery design. Its length is 3 m. Its design code is 1304292.

This is the complete warda eid collection catalog. Every girl can find dresses of her choice from this 10 dresses catalog.

When you will finally select an appropriate dress for your eid then go to the website of warda and make order for your required shirt.