Buy Online Amara Viscose Embroidered Chiffon Collection 2021 of Wijdan by Salam Textile

Within few hours Wijdan by Salam Textile has launched Amara Viscose Embroidered Chiffon Collection. It is a winter collection occupied with staple viscose printed collection with the embellishment of embroidered chiffon dupatta. Staple Viscose fabric is a very useful and usual cloth to wear in the winter season because it is comfy fabric. Moreover, the colors used in the printing of viscose fabric also play important role in winter clothing. Mostly those colors are used that are pleasant in look and give cool feelings when we look on. So the colors in this collection are according to the preference for winter cool days. You will see the deep sky blue, gold, goldenrod, brown, saddle brown, yellow, dim gray, blue-violet, corn silk, Indian red, salmon, crimson, chocolate, aqua, midnight blue, red, and light coral colors in Amara Embroidered Collection by Salam Textile.

This wijdan embroidered collection is available in 3pc collection. Each dress in it is consists of a shirt, dupatta, and shalwar. You can make shalwar or trousers or pajama with the cloth you will get for shalwar. These pieces are in a semi-stitched form that can be adjusted according to your physical body measurements. We are now giving you the opportunity to get these wijdan winter dresses in stitched form. For this, you will send us your measurements and we will stitch and the order rate will increase accordingly. The stitching quality will be luxurious and clean. For ordering, purpose sends us the dress code that is mentioned on each photo of this collection and your measurements. Bank detail for order purposes will be sent to you via email. You have to contact us for an order. There are 9 different printed designs with two different color schemes. Select one of your choices from the given complete photo gallery of Amara Viscose Embroidered Chiffon Collection of Wijdan by Salam Textile.