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There is a crowd of ladies that are in search of new festive dresses. It is known not only by me but also by designers and brands know. So all fashion brands and fashion designers are designing new dresses for festive and are launching/presenting a new festive collection for ladies.

Zaib by Nimsay also feel the need of women and realized that they should also fulfill the requirements of their female clients and fans. They worked on this matter and after few days of hard work, they finally released Zaib by Nimsay Weddig Edit Collection. It is a range of ladies ‘ festive dresses which are formal wear and party wear in their look. They are embellished with embroidery and printed with digital patterns. Basic colors are turned into extravagance when Zaib by Nimsay designers worked on them. Embroidery thread to printing liquid each this is molded into fashion trends and adorned on the fabric of lawn to make it suitable for the season.

Zaib by Nimsay Wedding Edit Collection

The festive day is not so far so fashionsjasmine is presenting new festive catalogs of different top brands and top designers. Zaib by Nimsay Festive Dresses catalog is also a new bump against the requirements for eid day wearing. There are more than 13 dresses that are playful for girls. Embroidery is adorned on necklines and motifs are also adorned on daaman of shirts. Dupattas are in chiffon fabric and shalwars are printed. These three pieces are amazingly paired and matched with respect to their designs. The presentation of these women’s festive suits is marvelous. You will be able to purchase Zaib by Nimsay pret wear from this month at the online store of Zaib by Nimsay and from clothing stores nearby you. The online store of Zaib by Nimsay is and their facebook page is Here is the full catalog of Zaib by Nimsay Wedding Edit Collection. Review it and post your comments in the comments area.