Zanisha Embroidered Kurti Collection Spring Summer 2021 Vol 1 by Al-Zohaib Textile

It is getting hot day by day, spring-summer party season is on peak and women are searching for spring summer dresses here and there. Many brands have published their spring-summer collections, some have just showcased their coming soon labels and some have presented their dresses for women. The printed collection, as well as embroidered collection both, are the center of attraction by women. Most girls love to wear embroidered dresses in summer at their gatherings, parties, and festivals. Some embroidered women dresses are in semi-formal style and others are informal style. Using charming color schemes in printed designs and in embroidered designs is now becoming a famous trend. Girls also love to wear astonishing and cheering patterns dresses in the spring-summer season which bloom them like a flower in the garden of their companions. Pakistani brands and designers are working hard to produce a suitable dress collection for the spring-summer season. There are many brands and designers but the famous brands are al karam, gul ahmed, five star, al karim, al zohaib, ghani, khaadi, charizma and house of zunn. And the famous designers are maria b, teena by hina butt, fahad hussayn and sana safinaz.

Today Al-Zohaib Textile has presented their Zanisha Embroidered Kurti Collection Spring Summer vol 1. It is comprised under the tags of al zohaib printed collection, al zohaib embroidered collection, al zohaib Kurti collection, al zohaib spring collection, and al zohaib summer collection. There are very beautiful printed designs are added to this collection and their embroidered designs are also very attractive and pretty. It has not been showcased yet. It will be showcased on all leading stores of al zohaib, the online store of al zohaib, and at Its price will be PKR 1475 for our customers. Here are few photos of this Zanisha Embroidered Kurti Collection SS vol 1.